Todd – Part One

“How do you learn to live with the unimaginable?”
“How do you continue forward when all you want to do is lie down for an eternity?”
“How do you combat loss?”
“Can you ever escape it?”

Todd looked at what he had typed and shook his head. What kind of existential crap was this and why was it still on the page? He scribbled out the lines and laid his pen down. He looked around the cafe and saw a guy reading a physics text book and taking notes in a mint green spiral notebook with what looked like unicorns on the cover from his angle. He kept scanning the room and saw his favorite barista taking a break on one of the three blue velvet armchairs by the front windows. Her black hair was tucked behind her ear with a curly wisp having it’s own little dance moment. Her almost black eyes were trained on the book she held in her hands, that had some sort of naked guy on the cover. Her nails were long and sort of pointy at the end with black polish on them. Every time he ordered his almond milk cortado, he watched her hands and imagined what they would feel like on his skin, his shoulders, his face, his cock. As he started to daydream about waking up next to her and running his hands down her smooth back, she turned around and stared right at him. A blush traveled down his throat but he couldn’t look away and everything around him became fuzzy and distorted. A small smile appeared on her lips and she gave a slight wave. Todd hoped he’d smiled back but he wasn’t quite sure. As she looked down to her book, he mouthed her name.

© Esther Moreira


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