Todd – Part Two

As Todd waited for an older couple to finish placing their order, he wiped his hands on his pants and took a deep breath. Lila was the only one behind the counter for the moment and if she said no he didn’t want the other baristas making it awkward. As the couple moved away from the register, Lila looked at him and smiled.
“Hey Todd, another almond milk cortado?”
“Yes, please. But no rush.”
“No worries I got you. Is it for here or to go this time?”
“Can I get it to go?”
“Of course, just give me a few minutes, while I get these two drinks up.”
“Take your time.”
He decided to look away so that his nervousness wouldn’t be so obvious and took another deep breath. He gave himself a small pep talk along the lines of “the worst thing that can happen is that she says no or hell no” and then he turned back to see her waving at the couple. It was now or never.
“Hey Lila, have you checked out the Auto Show yet?”
“No, I’ve been working eight days in a row, but thankfully I’m off tomorrow.”
“Do you want to go check it out? I also haven’t gone but I want to check out the trucks.”
“Are you going to get a car Todd?”
“Thinking about it.”
“Lucky. I really want to sleep in tomorrow, but if you’re cool going after one I’m in.”
“Yeah I don’t wake up before ten on the weekends so no worries. Do you want to grab food before we go?”
“There’s a new brunch spot by my house I’ve been meaning to try. They make a lemon verbena mimosa.”
“Damn that sounds good. I can meet you at your house at one?”
“Let’s make it twelve thirty so we have enough time to sit in cars and pretend we can afford the newest Bentley.”
As Lila laughed, Todd felt glad that he’d asked and hopeful that they would have a fun time together. They exchanged phone numbers and Lila leaned over the counter and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. As his cheek tingled he prayed that he wouldn’t make a fool of himself the next day.

© Esther Moreira

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