Todd – Part Three

Lila grabbed her purse and her sunglasses and hustled to the door. Todd was downstairs ready to go and she didn’t want to keep him waiting. He was taller than her with straight black hair that flopped into his green eyes and he’d grown a beard recently which only made him hotter. She had been drooling over him for a few months now and she really hoped this date or hang out led somewhere. After locking up she skipped down the stairs and stopped right in front of him.
“Hi. I’m so hungry and I need coffee. Do you want bodega coffee or do you want to wait until we get to Simple?”
“Hey, bodega coffee sounds good right now. Plus we can always get more later. Want to walk since it’s so nice out?”
“Oh my God yes. I’m so glad the weather’s nice on my day off. Last week it rained both days I was off, which is a pain in the ass.”
When they arrived at Simple they chose to sit at the bar, because there was a half hour wait for a table. At first she was disappointed that she wouldn’t be able to stare at his face straight on, but then his thigh kept brushing against her’s because of the lack of space and she couldn’t keep a grin off her face.
“Todd this menu looks amazing. I can’t decide if I want something sweet or savory.”
“Why don’t we get a few things to try? I’m starving and I also don’t think I can decide.”
“I like the way you think.”
Todd smiled at her and Lila shivered as she wondered what his beard would feel like on her skin.
“Are you cold?” he asked as he wrapped his arm around her and gave her a squeeze.
“No just hungry.” And it wasn’t just for food, although she didn’t say that out loud. Throughout the meal, Lila leaned on his knee to get hot sauce, mustard and more, while his hand brushed her arm and back. As she watched him drink, she wondered if they should just ditch the car show, but she was too chicken to suggest going back to her place. She hadn’t realized how long she’d been staring until Todd, leaned closer and softly traced her lips with his thumb. She didn’t see or hear anyone else in the cafe and she looked up at him wondering what he was thinking. Desire clouded his eyes and flushed his face. As she breathed out his name, a high pitched scream jolted them. Lila was almost glad the upset baby had broken the moment because they weren’t alone and she didn’t want to be the gross PDA couple she always made fun of. There was just a small part of her that was frustrated because she had wanted Todd’s touch for so long. When the check came, he paid it without giving her a chance to see it and when she tried to argue he just smiled at her.
They decided to take Lyft because the L train wasn’t crossing into Manhattan and the lines for the shuttle buses were out of control. In the car, Todd wrapped his arm around her and she curled into him.
“Is everything okay?”
“Everything’s great. Why?”
“You seem a little tense.”
“No I’m good.”
As she went to say something else, she looked up and saw Todd looking at her intently and her voice just trailed off. His gaze dipped down and then as he leaned towards her, his other hand lifted her chin. He brushed her lips with his once, twice and on a sigh she mouthed his name and he took the opening and licked and sucked his way inside.

© Esther Moreira

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