Todd – Part Four

He tasted like coffee and the mint they’d been given with the check. As he deepened the kiss, Lila grabbed his shirt to ground herself. He flattened his hand on her nape and let them up for air but continued to scatter soft kisses on her face. She was completely lost and sank into him trying to get closer. Todd nipped her throat when she slipped her hand under his shirt looking for skin. The loud continuous blare of a siren made Lila jerk away as she became conscious of the lack of privacy. She looked at him feeling unsure but Todd just leaned forward and nuzzled her throat as he threaded their fingers together. A shiver raced down her back and in response he sucked the skin just below her ear lobe. Lila arched into him as pleasure bit into her and pooled in her breasts and between her legs.
“You’re lucky we’re in a cab because your response is killing me, honey.”
“Todd, I..”
“Shh just let me hold you.” he murmured as he rubbed his hand up and down her back. She looked at his jaw and pressed a small kiss to it liking the feel of his beard on her lips. The rest of the ride was quick and as they got out of the cab, she missed touching him. Todd took her hand though once they started walking in and didn’t let go. For the rest of the afternoon they got in cars and trucks, took silly pictures, Snapchat videos and through it all he held her hand. By the time they were walking out, the sun was setting and the wind had created a chill. Todd pulled Lila into his side and wrapped his arm around her. At the light she looked at him and once again was blown away by how attractive he was. Impulsively she planted a kiss on his cheek. He smiled and then lifted her face up and kissed her. This kiss was deep and hungry. She felt it everywhere as she leaned into him. He stroked her tongue and slanted his head to reach more of her mouth which had her wondering what being in bed with all that focus would feel like. She heard a moan and a whimper and wasn’t sure where the sounds had come from. His hand cupped her ass pulling her even closer to his rock hard hips. A loud wolf whistle suddenly broke through the sensual haze and she jerked her head back. Todd’s eyes glittered with lust and his mouth was kiss swollen. They were both breathing heavily and when she tried to step back, he tightened his arm.
“I need a momentary shield, hun.”
“Shield? Why, I..”
“I’m too happy in my pants, so I just need a moment to think of sad puppies and algebra.”
“Is it working? Should we recite formulas?”
He laughed and hugged her. “Just another minute and I won’t be arrested for indecency.”
They stood with their arms linked for a few more minutes and then he took her hand and laced their fingers together.
“Are you hungry, Lila? Do you want to grab dinner? I know of really great Dominican place not too far from your place?”
“I could definitely eat and I love Dominican tres leches.”
“Perfect. Let’s grab the A train.”
She smiled at him and wondered how their night would end.

© Esther Moreira

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