White Noise

Sound comes into my ear and swirls into my chest down my spine exploding across my back and even though I try to block it I’m not able the gunshot
is loud so are the sirens there’s so much blood and it’s not bright red like in the movies I don’t know him I’m relieved and horrified he’s someone’s son, brother, father but he’s not one of mine the sound of something popping like the bubbles

of champagne or ginger ale won’t leave me it’s not my fault I tried to save him I tried to be what he wanted I don’t understand why he didn’t choose me I gave him

EVERYTHING and still he left me he left dammit how could he just walk away how the face looking back at me is not the face he fell in love with this new face is gray and gaunt and so sad who is she and why is she in my house

© Esther Moreira

for #MayBookPrompts – May 7


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