Todd – Part Five

Todd squeezed Lila’s hand as they waited for the train. She smiled up at him and he felt a flip in his stomach. He was still shocked at his forwardness and how comfortable he felt with her. He didn’t want to rush things because he didn’t want to mess things up. It usually took him a few dates to warm up to a someone but with Lila, from the moment he’d seen her face when she opened her door, he’d imagined what kissing her might be like and it was better than his daydreams. They were seated at a corner table and the soft lighting barely reached them. This made him braver than usual and after their mojitos were delivered he rested his hand on her thigh. She glanced at him but didn’t try to move his hand so as they ate, his hand traced a path from her knee to the top of her thigh, sometimes quickly, sometimes quite slowly. He noticed that Lila’s breath got shorter as he got closer to her waist and her skin looked slightly flushed even in the dim lighting. As he watched her eat tres leches, he had to adjust his pants because watching her tongue flick out made him think about seeing her tongue on his body.
“Do you want to try some Todd?”
“Only if you want to share. Don’t want to deprive you.”
Lila grinned and just held out the spoon for him to have a taste. As he leaned into the spoon he noticed her watching him intently and he flicked out his tongue and slowly lapped up the cake, while seeing her eyes widen and darken. He moved the spoon out of the way, cupped her face and brushed his mouth over hers softly. The soft kiss grew deeper and more insistent by the second as he thrust his tongue deep into her mouth and wrapped his arms around her. The sounds of the other diners and staff fell away as Lila kissed him back with the same intensity. “Lila” he breathed as he tried to catch his breath. “So sweet.”


© Esther Moreira

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The sky darkens quickly. Goes from bright blue, cloudless to a cool gray in a blink and then as almost black clouds dash by it becomes a sickly greenish gray that you imagine is the precursor for the end of the world. 

The air is heavy, oppressive and sits in your lungs making it difficult to breathe. The tree branches sway like flower power, beaded teens at a rave. The wind stings your eyes.

You hear a loud crack and see a bolt of lightning a few meters away and for that brief second the clouds glow purplish white. The loud rumble of thunder engulfs you stifling the sound of your heartbeat. 

A drop lands on your shoulder and then it’s followed by a deluge. Lightning strikes again and again, the air oozes ozone and the rumbles of thunder are all you hear. 

The downpour cocoons you and frees you from all your burdens leaving you unbound as the longest day of the year comes to a close.

© Esther Moreira

Maybe Today

Who is open today? Who let’s people in and shows their soft underbelly?

What is open for all? What place accepts everyone regardless of race or creed?

When are any of us open? When do we allow our true selves to shine?

Where can you be open? Where can you expose your vulnerability without being destroyed?

Maybe today, you can be open and vulnerable.

Maybe today, you in all your truth will be accepted.

© Esther Moreira


Esa Bandera

A boy screamed out into the crowd
“Alsa esa bandera donde quiera”
Becky and I stuffed our faces with
Attention and leftover lunch
In each bite I could taste the end
As I drifted off to sleep
I could hear him screaming as
Becky was wrapped up in the flag.

© Esther Moreira


Apartment 1A:

Wake up

Roll over

Press snooze

Shower the night sweats off

Put on the uniform:

White wife beater 

Grey Polo boxers

Black jeans straight cut

Cherry red hoodie

Fresh out of the box Jordans

Apartment 1B

Wake up

Stare at the ceiling 

Turn on the radio

Shower and shave

Put on the uniform:

XL white tshirt

Black panties

XL navy sweatpants

Grey cableknit cardigan

Red Polka dot Keds

Breakfast in 1A:

Corn flakes with whole milk,

Orange juice with pulp,

Rye toast with cherry preserves.

Breakfast in 1B:

Scrambled egg whites,

Sliced avocado and tomatoes,

Black coffee with a dollop of pb.

They have the same backpack,

Black Jansport with leather trim.

They take the same train,

Go to the same school.

They’ve never spoken. 

They think they’re different.

© Esther Moreira