Apartment 1A:

Wake up

Roll over

Press snooze

Shower the night sweats off

Put on the uniform:

White wife beater 

Grey Polo boxers

Black jeans straight cut

Cherry red hoodie

Fresh out of the box Jordans

Apartment 1B

Wake up

Stare at the ceiling 

Turn on the radio

Shower and shave

Put on the uniform:

XL white tshirt

Black panties

XL navy sweatpants

Grey cableknit cardigan

Red Polka dot Keds

Breakfast in 1A:

Corn flakes with whole milk,

Orange juice with pulp,

Rye toast with cherry preserves.

Breakfast in 1B:

Scrambled egg whites,

Sliced avocado and tomatoes,

Black coffee with a dollop of pb.

They have the same backpack,

Black Jansport with leather trim.

They take the same train,

Go to the same school.

They’ve never spoken. 

They think they’re different.

© Esther Moreira


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