Single Lady

“You’re on the shelf.”

Said her downstairs neighbor, sixty year old Mrs. Sibales.

“Don’t you want kids?”

Asked her childless coworker Joe.

“Being alone when you’re old sucks.”

Said her widowed and childless aunt Angelica.

“Don’t you get lonely?”

Asked Lauren, her roommate’s girlfriend.

“You’re not getting any younger.”

Said Mr. Garcia, her father’s business partner.

“Don’t your parents want grandbabies?”

Asked Nita, her nail lady.

She tried to play it off, but at night she wondered,

Was she too ugly?

Too proud?

Too picky?

Was she too blunt?

Too coy?

Too sensitive?

But the stars only provided cold

illumination without answers.

©Esther Moreira
Support InstaWriters August Prompts hosted by @journee_nicole and @t.alva

August 9th prompt – Tell Me Where it Hurts by @j.r.rogue


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