Random Snippets

April looked at her calendar and realized she’d been working for the last twenty-three days straight. Her boss David was a workaholic father and when his wife walked out, he commandeered her into taking care of his daughters. The girls were six and so adorable, but she needed a break. Grabbing her phone, she sent him a quick email explaining that she had food poisoning and would be laid up next to the toilet for most of the day. David White hated sickness so she knew he would tell her to stay home and as far away from him as possible.

After a leisurely breakfast of bacon and pancakes from a box, she decided to do something fun with her day off. The annual Huronia Flower Show was happening and this year she was determined to grow and keep flowers alive on her rooftop terrace. She rode her Schwinn that she had spray painted rose gold and after locking her up, she bought a ticket and walked around looking at the abundance of blooms.

April was reading an information card about a yellow orchid with lilac striations, when she heard a voice she knew all too well. The deep rumbling of his voice sent a shiver down her back and she looked around to see where he was and how she could hide. He was at a booth on her right and luckily there were enough people around that he probably hadn’t seen her. He was about six foot four with long black hair that reached his waist when he let it down and chocolate brown eyes that had flecks of gold. His beard was thick and highlighted his full lips that in moments of extreme weakness she dreamed about. In jeans, dark brown work boots and an evergreen t-shirt that showed off arms that could lift anything, he was the type of man who she wished would look twice at her. April turned away and decided to go to the far back section that had all types of roses. In such a high traffic area he’d never notice her.

As she looked at some soft peach tea roses she noticed that a group of elderly women and their grandkids surrounded her, so she was able to relax. April had just picked up two small planters with peach and cream tea roses, when she heard his voice. She turned and he was right behind her.

“Oh hey, April. How are you?” His expression was mocking.

“Oh Joseph, hey. I’m good. What are you doing here?”

“I’m glad you’re feeling better. My brother said something about you having food poisoning, so I’m glad to see you’re quite alright.” He said dryly as he looked her up and down. It felt like his gaze lingered on the small bit of cleavage her cream sweater was revealing.

“Please Joseph, don’t tell him you saw me today.”

“It’s just Joe, April.”

“Please Joe. I just needed a day. I’ll be back tomorrow, promise.”

“David really needs help right now April. Pretending to be sick is kind of juvenile and I thought you knew better.” He sounded disappointed and April felt defensive and a bit angry.

“Do you think I don’t know that. I’ve been working for weeks with no days off. My days start at five and don’t end before midnight mostly. Last night was the first night I slept in my own bed since his wife dumped the girls on him. When was the last time you watched your nieces? Don’t lecture me, when you’re an invisible uncle.” She abruptly turned around but Joe reached out and cupped her elbow. April felt goosebumps all over her arms and tried to take a deep breath, but all she could smell was him, a mixture of sea spray and pine.

“April, wait.” Her name on his lips caused flutters in her stomach and for a moment she wished they were in her bedroom, completely alone. She looked back at him and got lost in his eyes. He said something but she couldn’t hear him over the roar in her ears. Her gaze dropped down to his lips and the ache to feel them grew. He tipped her chin up and searched her gaze and April saw the heat banked and her breath caught. The moment might have lasted forever but a young boy running from his friend slammed into Joe by accident and he crashed into her. He managed to keep them upright by wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her into his side, but the moment was broken.


©Esther Valencia


Todd – Part Five

Todd squeezed Lila’s hand as they waited for the train. She smiled up at him and he felt a flip in his stomach. He was still shocked at his forwardness and how comfortable he felt with her. He didn’t want to rush things because he didn’t want to mess things up. It usually took him a few dates to warm up to a someone but with Lila, from the moment he’d seen her face when she opened her door, he’d imagined what kissing her might be like and it was better than his daydreams. They were seated at a corner table and the soft lighting barely reached them. This made him braver than usual and after their mojitos were delivered he rested his hand on her thigh. She glanced at him but didn’t try to move his hand so as they ate, his hand traced a path from her knee to the top of her thigh, sometimes quickly, sometimes quite slowly. He noticed that Lila’s breath got shorter as he got closer to her waist and her skin looked slightly flushed even in the dim lighting. As he watched her eat tres leches, he had to adjust his pants because watching her tongue flick out made him think about seeing her tongue on his body.
“Do you want to try some Todd?”
“Only if you want to share. Don’t want to deprive you.”
Lila grinned and just held out the spoon for him to have a taste. As he leaned into the spoon he noticed her watching him intently and he flicked out his tongue and slowly lapped up the cake, while seeing her eyes widen and darken. He moved the spoon out of the way, cupped her face and brushed his mouth over hers softly. The soft kiss grew deeper and more insistent by the second as he thrust his tongue deep into her mouth and wrapped his arms around her. The sounds of the other diners and staff fell away as Lila kissed him back with the same intensity. “Lila” he breathed as he tried to catch his breath. “So sweet.”


© Esther Moreira

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Todd – Part Four

He tasted like coffee and the mint they’d been given with the check. As he deepened the kiss, Lila grabbed his shirt to ground herself. He flattened his hand on her nape and let them up for air but continued to scatter soft kisses on her face. She was completely lost and sank into him trying to get closer. Todd nipped her throat when she slipped her hand under his shirt looking for skin. The loud continuous blare of a siren made Lila jerk away as she became conscious of the lack of privacy. She looked at him feeling unsure but Todd just leaned forward and nuzzled her throat as he threaded their fingers together. A shiver raced down her back and in response he sucked the skin just below her ear lobe. Lila arched into him as pleasure bit into her and pooled in her breasts and between her legs.
“You’re lucky we’re in a cab because your response is killing me, honey.”
“Todd, I..”
“Shh just let me hold you.” he murmured as he rubbed his hand up and down her back. She looked at his jaw and pressed a small kiss to it liking the feel of his beard on her lips. The rest of the ride was quick and as they got out of the cab, she missed touching him. Todd took her hand though once they started walking in and didn’t let go. For the rest of the afternoon they got in cars and trucks, took silly pictures, Snapchat videos and through it all he held her hand. By the time they were walking out, the sun was setting and the wind had created a chill. Todd pulled Lila into his side and wrapped his arm around her. At the light she looked at him and once again was blown away by how attractive he was. Impulsively she planted a kiss on his cheek. He smiled and then lifted her face up and kissed her. This kiss was deep and hungry. She felt it everywhere as she leaned into him. He stroked her tongue and slanted his head to reach more of her mouth which had her wondering what being in bed with all that focus would feel like. She heard a moan and a whimper and wasn’t sure where the sounds had come from. His hand cupped her ass pulling her even closer to his rock hard hips. A loud wolf whistle suddenly broke through the sensual haze and she jerked her head back. Todd’s eyes glittered with lust and his mouth was kiss swollen. They were both breathing heavily and when she tried to step back, he tightened his arm.
“I need a momentary shield, hun.”
“Shield? Why, I..”
“I’m too happy in my pants, so I just need a moment to think of sad puppies and algebra.”
“Is it working? Should we recite formulas?”
He laughed and hugged her. “Just another minute and I won’t be arrested for indecency.”
They stood with their arms linked for a few more minutes and then he took her hand and laced their fingers together.
“Are you hungry, Lila? Do you want to grab dinner? I know of really great Dominican place not too far from your place?”
“I could definitely eat and I love Dominican tres leches.”
“Perfect. Let’s grab the A train.”
She smiled at him and wondered how their night would end.

© Esther Moreira

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Three Little Words

As her up-do is blown apart
and raindrops splatter her
new shoes and dress,
I see the person
who gets me.
She offers to eat
at bars so I can
catch the game,
then wipes my
tears when the
Giants lose again.
Her smile and frown
when I haven’t
put the dishes away.
The way her hair
drapes the pillow
in the early morning light.
The million cosmetics
that crowd my aftershave.
Giggles that turn
into snorts when
I try to dance.
Her eyes that
shine and glow
when I walk into the room.
As we huddle
underneath the awning
and the wind tries
to lift her dress,
I whisper

“I can’t believe,
You chose me!”

© Esther Moreira

Todd – Part Two

As Todd waited for an older couple to finish placing their order, he wiped his hands on his pants and took a deep breath. Lila was the only one behind the counter for the moment and if she said no he didn’t want the other baristas making it awkward. As the couple moved away from the register, Lila looked at him and smiled.
“Hey Todd, another almond milk cortado?”
“Yes, please. But no rush.”
“No worries I got you. Is it for here or to go this time?”
“Can I get it to go?”
“Of course, just give me a few minutes, while I get these two drinks up.”
“Take your time.”
He decided to look away so that his nervousness wouldn’t be so obvious and took another deep breath. He gave himself a small pep talk along the lines of “the worst thing that can happen is that she says no or hell no” and then he turned back to see her waving at the couple. It was now or never.
“Hey Lila, have you checked out the Auto Show yet?”
“No, I’ve been working eight days in a row, but thankfully I’m off tomorrow.”
“Do you want to go check it out? I also haven’t gone but I want to check out the trucks.”
“Are you going to get a car Todd?”
“Thinking about it.”
“Lucky. I really want to sleep in tomorrow, but if you’re cool going after one I’m in.”
“Yeah I don’t wake up before ten on the weekends so no worries. Do you want to grab food before we go?”
“There’s a new brunch spot by my house I’ve been meaning to try. They make a lemon verbena mimosa.”
“Damn that sounds good. I can meet you at your house at one?”
“Let’s make it twelve thirty so we have enough time to sit in cars and pretend we can afford the newest Bentley.”
As Lila laughed, Todd felt glad that he’d asked and hopeful that they would have a fun time together. They exchanged phone numbers and Lila leaned over the counter and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. As his cheek tingled he prayed that he wouldn’t make a fool of himself the next day.

© Esther Moreira

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Todd – Part One

“How do you learn to live with the unimaginable?”
“How do you continue forward when all you want to do is lie down for an eternity?”
“How do you combat loss?”
“Can you ever escape it?”

Todd looked at what he had typed and shook his head. What kind of existential crap was this and why was it still on the page? He scribbled out the lines and laid his pen down. He looked around the cafe and saw a guy reading a physics text book and taking notes in a mint green spiral notebook with what looked like unicorns on the cover from his angle. He kept scanning the room and saw his favorite barista taking a break on one of the three blue velvet armchairs by the front windows. Her black hair was tucked behind her ear with a curly wisp having it’s own little dance moment. Her almost black eyes were trained on the book she held in her hands, that had some sort of naked guy on the cover. Her nails were long and sort of pointy at the end with black polish on them. Every time he ordered his almond milk cortado, he watched her hands and imagined what they would feel like on his skin, his shoulders, his face, his cock. As he started to daydream about waking up next to her and running his hands down her smooth back, she turned around and stared right at him. A blush traveled down his throat but he couldn’t look away and everything around him became fuzzy and distorted. A small smile appeared on her lips and she gave a slight wave. Todd hoped he’d smiled back but he wasn’t quite sure. As she looked down to her book, he mouthed her name.

© Esther Moreira