After The Tone, Record 

When I was twelve, having someone call my house wanting to speak to me and not my parents was cool. My friends and I talked on the phone like our parents and felt like we were so close to being grown ups. 

Today when I see a call on my smartphone screen that isn’t my parents, I mutter “what the fuck” and wonder why the person couldn’t text me. 

Today when my screen becomes useless and my only options are accept, decline, message or remind me, I sigh at the waste of time.

Today when an unknown number appears while I’m in the middle of watching the tenth episode of Say Yes to the Dress I wait to block the telemarketers and collections people on the other end.

Today as a grown up I don’t want the intimacy of hearing another voice over the line. I now prefer emojis and hierogifs.

©Esther Valencia