Summertime Blues

The sun is shining and pressing down on everyone
Birds are chirping looking for water
Sweat trickles down backs and sits on upper lips
My arms shiver and my hands feel numb as
Coldness seeps into my bones, aches settle in
Humidity rises and coats the city but inside
AC blasts frigid air that is debilitating and torturous.
There’s never a season were I can stay warm enough.

©Esther Valencia



The sky darkens quickly. Goes from bright blue, cloudless to a cool gray in a blink and then as almost black clouds dash by it becomes a sickly greenish gray that you imagine is the precursor for the end of the world. 

The air is heavy, oppressive and sits in your lungs making it difficult to breathe. The tree branches sway like flower power, beaded teens at a rave. The wind stings your eyes.

You hear a loud crack and see a bolt of lightning a few meters away and for that brief second the clouds glow purplish white. The loud rumble of thunder engulfs you stifling the sound of your heartbeat. 

A drop lands on your shoulder and then it’s followed by a deluge. Lightning strikes again and again, the air oozes ozone and the rumbles of thunder are all you hear. 

The downpour cocoons you and frees you from all your burdens leaving you unbound as the longest day of the year comes to a close.

© Esther Moreira